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Sydney Lane Hamilton
United States
Feel Free To Look Into My Gallery And Comment Or Sent Pictures Whatever You Like

About Me:
Birthday: 10/4/98 October 4, 1998
Zodiac: Tiger & Libra
Town And Country: Fountain Valley Of Orange County In California

Pig Days/Sewn On Dates 


  • 26th - (National Cake Day)
  • Thu. 24 November: Celebrates Thanksgiving
  • 30th - (Stay at Home Because You Are Well Day)


  • Holiday Flavors

    Apple Cider



    Peppermint-OREO Cookie Ball 

    Green Apple(Grinch)

    Hot Chocolate


    Merry Cherry

    Polar Punch (Same as Limited Edition Polar Blast, different wrapper)

    Sugar cookie

    Sugar Plum

    Christmas Wafer


    Peppermint (Candy Cane)

    Wedding Cake Frozen

  • North Pole (December)
  • Post
  • Season's Greedings - Christmas (December)
  • Wreck the Halls - Christmas (December)
  • Winter Wonderham - Christmas (December)
  • Ski or Squeal - Christmas (December)
  • On Finn Ice - Christmas in Finland (Christmas) (December)
  • White Christmas,It's a wonderful life,miracle on 34th street,a Christmas story
  • Cocoa Wonderland The Reindeer
  • Noel Buddybear ,Stampy Sugar-Stitiches, And Prancing Sparkly Feet, The Elf
  • Shimmering Healer The Angel
  • KoalaKoala Holiday
  • Polar Bear: Iceman Blues
  • Reindeer: My Favorite Time of Year
  • 1st - (Mistletoe Day; Eat a Red Apple Day)
  • 4th - (Cookie Day)
  • 7th - (National Cotton Candy Day)
  • 9th - (Pastry Day)
  • Thu. 11 December: Commemorates the anniversary of Angry Birds (Bird Day)
  • 12th - (National Ding-a-Ling Day)
  • 14th (International Monkey Day)
  • 19th - (Hard Candy Day)
  • 21st - (First Day of Winter)
  • 26th - (Candy Cane Day)
  • Wed. 31 December: Celebrates New Years Eve
  • Tue. 31. December: Celebrates New Year


  • “This is our story, what’s yours?”
  • Rupert (January)
  • Year of the Dragon - Chinese New Year (January)
  • Schnauzer: Moustache Louie
  • Silverback Gorilla: Do You Want to Party?
  • 1st - (Rose Parade; New Year's Day)
  • Fri. 2 January: Celebrates Sci-Fi Day
  • 3rd - (Festival of Sleep Day)
  • 5th - (Whipped Cream Day)
  • 6th - (Cuddle Up Day)
  • 7th - (International Silly Walk Day)
  • 8th - (Bubble Bath Day)
  • Sun. 10. January: Celebrates Crossing the Rubicon Day
  • Tue. 13 January: Celebrates Rubber Duck Day
  • 13th - (Make Your Dreams Come True Day)
  • 15th - (Strawberry Ice Cream Day)
  • January 14: National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
  • 18th - (Snowman Day)
  • Mon. 19 January: Celebrates Popcorn Day
  • 19th - (Popcorn Day)
  • 20th - (Penguin Day)
  • Wen. 20. January: Celebrates Penguin Awareness Day
  • 27th - (Mozart's Birthday)
  • 28th - (Jackson Pollock's Birthday)
  • Wed. 28 January: Celebrates Data Privacy Day
  • 29th - (Kansas Day)
  • 31st - (Inspire Your Heart with Art Day)


  • Europe (February)
  • “The most beautiful thing you can be is yourself.”
  • “It feels good to be part of something bigger than yourself.”
  • “Always leave things better than you found them.”
  • “Listen to the beat of your heart and keep on dancing.”
  • Steamy Snicker-Doo The Cupid
  • Sweetheart O'Looker
  • Ham Dunk - NBA Basketball (February)
  • Ham Dunk (All Star Update)- NBA All Star Weekend (February)
  • Hogs and Kisses - Valentine's Day (February)
  • Fairy Hogmother - Valentine's Day (February)
  • White Terrier: A Dog with a Bow in her Hair
  • Blufadoodle: Stay Away From Me
  • 1st - (Figure Eight Day; Amethyst Month)
  • 2nd - (Two-Two/Tutu; Sneeze Day)
  • 3rd - (Bubblegum Day)
  • Tue. 3 February: Celebrates Windmill Day
  • 5th - (Day that the World's Largest Gold Nugget Was Found)
  • 7th - (Love Your Patients Day; Ballet Day; Ballerina Day; Wear Red Day)
  • Mon. 08. February: Celebrates Chinese New Year
  • 9th - (Pizza Pie Day)
  • 11th - (Get out your Guitar Day)
  • 12th - (Extraterrestrial Day)
  • Sat. 14 February: Celebrates Valentine's Day
  • Sun. 14. February: Celebrates Valentine's Day
  • 14th - (Valentine's Day)
  • 15th - (Gumdrop Day)
  • 15th (National Hippo Day)
  • Mon. 16 February: Celebrates The Start of the 2015 "Rio Open"
  • 17th - (Random Acts of Kindness Day)
  • Thu. 19 February: Celebrates Chinese New Year
  • 19th - (Tin Can Day)
  • 20th - (Cherry Pie Day; Love Your Pet Day)
  • 22nd - (Thinking Day; Walking the Dog Day)
  • 23th (National Banana Bread Day)
  • 26th - (Tell a Fairytale Day)
  • 27th - (Polar Bear Day)
  • Fri. 27 February: Celebrates Polar Bear Day
  • Sun. 28. February: Celebrates Polar Bear Day
  • 28th - (Tooth Fairy Day)
  • 29th - (Leap Year)


  • “The power to change the world has been inside you all along.”
  • “What makes you different makes you special.”
  • “What makes you different just might be your greatest strength.”
  • “Forgiveness lets you fly.”
  • “Together, we are strong.”
  • “Trust your true self.”
  • "Even the smallest person can make a big difference.”
  • Goldie Mcdoodles, Slappy McSpunk, Smelly Cletus O’sharter, Smiling Shamrock, And Barfy Mc'Blaze The Leprechauns
  • Cherry Blossom - Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival (March)
  • Go Green, Get Lucky - St. Patrick's Day (March)
  • Himalayan Cat: Cat's Pajama Party
  • Caterpillar: It's a Wonderful World
  • 1st (National Pig Day)
  • Wen. 02. March: Celebrates World Wildlife Day
  • Tue. 3 March: Commemorates NASA 100YO anniversary (NACA Centenary)
  • Mon. 07. March: Celebrates Women's Day
  • Tue. 08. March: Celebrates Solar Eclipse
  • Mon. 9 March: Celebrates the "Gold In California"
  • 12th - (Plant a Flower Day; Plant a Seed Day)
  • 13th - (Jewel Day)
  • 14th - (Pi Day/Einstein's Birthday; Save a Spider Day)
  • 16th (National Panda Day)
  • Tue. 17 March: Celebrates Submarine Day
  • Fri. 18. March: Celebrates Earth Hour
  • 20th - (Proposal Day)
  • 21st - (First Day of Spring)
  • 22nd - (World Water Day)
  • 24th - (Houdini's Birthday)
  • Sat. 26. March: Celebrates Easter
  • Fri. 27 March: Celebrates Hanami
  • 27th - (International Theatre Day; Cherry Blossom Festival)
  • 30th - (Take A Walk in the Park Day)


  • Easter Eggs - Easter (April)
  • Tropigal Paradise - Spring Break (April)
  • Alley Cat: Where Did You Get Those Stripes?
  • Lion: It's Good to be the King
  • Caramel Lion: Caramel Soup
  • Fri. 01 . April: Celebrates April Fools
  • Smartie Raindrop The Bunny
  • 1st - (April Fools Day; Daisy Season)
  • 3rd - (Find A Rainbow Day; World Party Day)
  • Fri. 3 April: Celebrates Easter
  • Sun. 10. April: Celebrates Golfer Day
  • 10th - (Herd Your Sheep Day)
  • 12th - (Licorice Day)
  • Tue. 12. April: Celebrates First Spaceflight 
  • 14th - (International Moment of Laughter Day)
  • 20th - (National Pineapple Upside-down Cake Day)
  • Thu. 21. April: Celebrates Loch Ness Day
  • Sun. 12 April: Celebrates the "First Spaceflight"
  • Wed. 22 April: Celebrates Earth Day
  • 22nd - (Earth Day; National Jelly Bean Day)
  • Sun. 24. April: Celebrates World Penguin Day
  • 27th - (Tell a Story Day)
  • 28th - (Superhero Day)


  • Rhode Island (May)
  • Las Vegas (May)
  • India (May)
  • Cocker Spaniel: The Dog on the Front of the Tag
  • Skunk: I'm Misunderstood
  • Grey Owl: Let's Make the World a Better Place
  • Fri. 1 May: Celebrates May Day
  • 1st - (Law Day; Bluebell Season; Mayday; Emerald Month)
  • 2nd - (Play Your Ukulele Day)
  • 4th - (International Firefighters' Day)
  • Tue. 5 May: Celebrates Cinco De Mayo
  • 6th - (Bubble-Blowing Day)
  • Sun. 08. May: Celebrates Mother's Day
  • 10th - (Stay Up All Night Day)
  • 12th - (International Nurse Day)
  • 15th - (Chocolate Chip Day)
  • 18th - (Visit Your Relatives Day)
  • 21st - (Waiter and Waitress Day)
  • 23rd - (Taffy Day)
  • Thu. 12. May: Celebrates Anger Management (As part of the promotion for The Angry Birds Movie)
  • Fri. 13. May: Celebrates Pigs Arrive (As part of the promotion for The Angry Birds Movie; The day of most international releases)
  • Wed. 13 May: Celebrates Leprechaun Day 
  • Fri. 20. May: Celebrates The Eagle's Den (As part of the promotion for The Angry Birds Movie; The day of the U.S., Canada, and China releases)
  • Fri. 22 May: Celebrates World Goth Day
  • 24th - (Wear a Tiara Day)
  • 27th - (Sunscreen Protection Day)
  • 29th - (End of Middle Ages Day)
  • Fri. 29 May: Commemorates the End of Middle Ages
  • Sun. 29. May: Celebrates First Ascent of Everest
  • 30th - (Water a Flower Day)


  • Summer Time Flavors

    Lemon Shake-Up

    Caramel Apple

    Peach Tea

    Funnel Cake 

    Banana Split 

  • Ham Dunk (NBA Finals Update)- 2015 NBA Finals (June)
  • Marie Hamtoinette - Versailles Festival (June) (Let Them Suck Eggs)
  • Summer Camp - Summer Solstice (June)
  • Summer Pignic - Summer Solstice (June)
  • Piglantis - Summer Solstice (June)
  • South Hamerica - Summer Solstice (June)
  • Piggywood Studios - Summer Solstice (June)
  • Pink Pony: The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town
  • Pig: Piggy Plum Pie
  • Silversoft Cat: Dear Miss Kitty
  • Wen. 01. June: Celebrates World Milk Day
  • 3rd - (Egg Day)
  • 4th - (Hug Your Cat Day)
  • 7th - (Drawing Day)
  • 8th - (Ocean Day; Jelly-Filled Donut Day "I Celebrate Natoinal Donut Day Everyday)
  • Thu. 8 June: Celebrates World Ocean Day
  • 11th - (Chocolate Day)
  • 12th - (Red Rose Day)
  • Fri. 12 June: Celebrates Magic Day
  • 15th - (Smile Power Day)
  • 17th - (Eat Your Vegetables Day)
  • Fri. 19 June: Celebrates Midsummer's Eve
  • 24th - (Fairy Day; Swim a Lap Day)
  • 26th - (National Beautician's Day)
  • 27th - (National Orange Blossom Day)


  • Spotted FrogI Love Being a Spotted Frog
  • Bengal Tiger: Tiger Tiger
  • Clown Fish: I Like to Clown Around
  • 1st - (Paper Boat Day; Ruby Month)
  • 3rd - (Compliment Your Mirror Day)
  • Thu. 2 July: Celebrates UFO Day
  • 10th - (Teddy Bear's Picnic Day; Don't Step on a Bee Day)
  • 12th - (Eat Something Jiggly Day)
  • 13th - (First World Cup; National French Fries Day)
  • Tue. 14 July: Celebrates Pandemonium Day
  • 19th - (Ice Cream Day)
  • 20th - (First Man on the Moon; Moon Day; National Lollipop Day)
  • Mon. 20 July: Commemorates Pig Days Anniversary
  • Sun. 20 July: Commemorates the anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the Moon

Any date

  • August 25th (National Banana Split Day)
  • September 18th (National Cheeseburger Day)


I am not afraid of darkness
The moon somewhere
Hidden away in the Monochrome night
Tears go down the cheeks and eyes burn red
Where there's love there's hope
To span two people
In dreams many times
Only eternity
Moonlight to accept
Their so happy to see Me alive

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